Beyond the fact that they both use yeast, grain and water to produce the finished product, making bread and making beer are similar processes. Consider the process a baker goes through to make bread: Does the baker buy raw wheat, store it in silos, grind it as needed into flour? No. The flour is purchased ground in sacks.
Going one step further, most pizza chains use refrigerated dough balls produced in a commissary without any loss of quality or consistency. Similarly, the MICROPUB® system eliminates the most expensive, time and space consuming parts of the brewing process by doing the work for you. Let us illustrate:
When using the MICROPUB® Brewing System, the most difficult and time consuming steps of the brewing process are already done for you. Under the supervision of our Brewmaster, the worts are produced to our specifications, then reduced to 80% solids by removing the water inside a vacuum allowing easy shipment and storage. This process maintains the delicate balance of the wort. You introduce the Concentrated Brewers Wort (CBW) into your MICROPUB® Brew Kettle with water, and boil. You then add our special blend of hops provided with each batch kit to add flavor and aroma. The brewing stage is now complete.
The wort is transferred to the MICROPUB® Fermentation Tanks, where the yeast is then added to transform the natural sugars into alcohol. After fermentation and maturation (usually about 12-14 days), the beer is transferred to the MICROPUB® storage tanks or kegs where it is carbonated for about 24 hours. Then your beer is ready to serve!
Our simplified process eliminates the need for a lot of expensive equipment, labor and space.