There are several major turnkey advantages to the MICROPUB® BREWING SYSTEM when it comes to recipes and ingredients. Among them are:
1.Professional formulation to exacting standards by our award winning expert Brewmaster.

2.A large inventory of the most popular styles designed to appeal to broad range of tastes, from novices to experts.

3. On-going product research and development to formulate exciting new tastes on a regular basis.

4. An optional custom recipe program in which our Brewmaster formulates tastes exclusively for you and your guests. This can include reverse engineering to simulate and improve your choice of branded product.

5. Inclusive batch kits that provide the precise ingredients and supplies needed to brew a perfect batch of beer (see following).

6. Thanks to our on-going quality control, consistent supply of quality ingredients and supplies.

7. Volume pricing on ingredients and supplies sharing the rapidly growing purchasing power of our group of MICROPUB® BREWING SYSTEM users.

8. Initial on-site training and on-going phone support to help you insure every batch is a great one!

All Malt   A European pilsner with light malt taste complimenting the crisp hop character.
Amber   Amber color, medium hops, strong seller
American Light  Our lightest color, body and alcohol
Anniversary Ale English-Summer Ale, with traditional hops
Australian Lager Light golden color, brewed with imported Tasmanian hops
Canadian Light Canadian style. Also light in color, body and alcohol
Crown Pilsner English for "Corona", lighter in color.
Crown Pilsner Light Same flavor, but lower alcohol than the Crown Pilsner.
Czech Pilsner Dark gold color; medium hops
Dunkel Weizen Dark wheat beer, using highly roasted malts and traditional German hops.
Fuggled Unique fuggle hop flavor. Amber color
German Lager Gold color; medium to strong hops
Get Fuggled English Ale, amber to brown color.
Golden Lager Copper color, light hops, light finish.
Honey Wheat A crisp refreshing wheat beer, balanced with pure clover honey
Jon’s Special Bitter English bitter. Light amber color, with strong hop taste.
Light         Gold color, light body and lower alcohol
Mexican Light in taste and color. Great served with a lime slice.
Munich Dunkel   Gold Medal winner-Great American Beer Festival. Deep copper color, light hop bitterness
Munich Helles Silver Medal-World Beer Championship. Light amber color, med. hop bitterness, Octoberfest Style
Nut Brown Ale  Brown color, full body with hit of nut flavor.
Pilsner  Bright gold color; light hops
Porter Dark brown to black in color, malty aroma and flavor, slight sweet finish, medium bitterness
Red Ale  An American Red Ale, robust and hoppy, with a distinct hop aroma.
Scottish Ale  Robust amber brew, moderately hopped with a smooth, full malt character.
Wheat   Bright gold, not clear, light wheat flavor, serve with slice of lemon, great summer beer.
Yin-Yang Light beer that has all the characteristics of a dark lager.
PREMIUM BEERS: Description
Alt German Alt Style beer, brewed traditional Dusseldorf recipe.
American IPA Light golden/copper ale with full hop bitterness, hop taste & light malt body.
Basster Ale Dark copper to brown color. Heavy body and strong hop flavor. 5.5-6.0% alcohol.
Bavarian Special Typical of the Northern Bavaria table beers. Full bodied using select malts offering a complementary malt and hop balance. Not just for celebrating Oktoberfest!
Biere de Garde A farmhouse beer from Normandy in Northern France. A rich copper color and dense malt character. Strong ale similar to the Belgian Saison but with more focus on the malt.
Blueberry Wheat Our signature north American wheat beer infused with the essence of fresh blueberries. Light and crisp with just a hint of color. Great thirst quencher.
Braxator Strong dark German style beer, similar to a triple bock.
Canadian Pale Ale Crisp light pale ale with golden color, and moderate hop finish.
Double Bock Brown color with strong hop taste, 7.0 – 7.5% alcohol.
Dubbel Jon A strong Belgian Ale around 7% alcohol, moderately hopped, brown in color.
English IPA A copper/amber English IPA styled after the original beers brewed in the Midlands.
Hoppy New Year Ale Traditional seasonal English pale ale. Assertive flavor derived from English hops used to balance the caramel maltiness from specialty grains used in mashing.
Marzen Munich Style Oktoberfest beer.
Imperial IPA Big beer with imperial strength bitterness and elevated alcohol content.
Imperial Stout Stout with assertive hop and malt contributions and higher alcohol.
Octo '09 Smooth and caramely in taste and color with fresh hop finish and aroma. Perfect Oktoberfest beer to accompany a hearty fall cuisine.
Oktoberfest 1516 Bold, distinct, and full bodied with rich amber color.
Pale Ale Traditional English Pale Ale, amber hued and moderately hoppy.
Raspberry Wheat Gold Medal winner GABF. Bright gold color. Subtle raspberry taste. Strong selling summer beer.
Rudolph's Red Nose Ale Strong English winter ale. 7.0%-7.5% alcohol. Dark red to copper color. Full body and strong hop flavor.
Rudolph's '99 Same as above but lighter and hoppier.
Rudolph’s MMIX This variant of Rudolph's Red Nose Ale is a traditional English 'Winter Warmer', has higher alcohol and a complex flavor. A combination of English and American hops and malt makes this beer a rich and indulgent brew. Best served around 45 - 50 degrees F, but if served cold will warm nicely in the glass.
Rudolph's 02 The rebirth of a favorite – stronger, darker, sweeter, hoppier and maltier than ever.
Sing-Thai Southeast Asian style beer, light amber color.
Stout Black color, light body, medium hops. Roasted flavor with soft chocolate finish. Thick creamy head.
Tokyo Day A light and dry beer with a refreshing hop. Uses traditional Japanese brewing ingredients – rice, malt and Germanic hops. A true Ichiban Japanese beer.
Tokyo Night A darker, smoother and richer Ichiban beer with firm body and robust hoppiness.
Trippel Jon Traditionally a Trappist brew. A rich gold color, satisfying hop aroma and taste compliment the underlying strength of this beer.
Velvet Dark red amber with characteristics of a stout but smoothness of an English Ale.
Vienna 1516 Dark and smooth. Moderately hopped. Standard ABV.
Weizen Bock A high alcohol, dark wheat beer – rich, full bodied with a gentle hoppiness.
Batch Ingredient and Supply Kits
Batches include:
-Concentrated Brewers Wort (CBW)
-Irish moss
-Clarifying agents