Let's get right to it. As much as you may like the competitive advantages of brewing fresh, high quality beer on premise, you are also in business to make a profit. So let's run some numbers and see how the MICROPUB® Brewing System compares to more traditional branded beers.
1) If you sold 50 kegs of Micropub® beer a month @ $4.00 per pint:
Revenues: $  30,000. per month $360,000.per year
Costs:   $    2,150.per month $  25,800.per year

Micropub® gross profit            $334,200. per year

2) If you sold the same 50 kegs with an average mix of standard brands at typical prices:
Kegs Beer     Revenue Cost Gross profit
(month) (month)  (month)
  10 Budweiser $4,500. $850. $  3,650.
  10 Miller    $4,500. $850. $  3,650.
  10 Coors $4,500. $850. $  3,650.
  10 Labatt's $4,500. $900. $  3,600.
    5 Sam Adams $3,000. $675. $  2,325.
    3 Bass Ale $1,800. $450. $  1,350.
    2 Guinness $1,200. $300. $     900.
  50 Sub Totals $24,000. $4,875. $19,125.
Revenues: $  24,000. per month $288,000. per year
Costs: $    4,875. per month $  58,500. per year

Branded mix beer gross profit            $229,500. per year

Consider your MICROPUB® Brewing System as a profit center. Our customers have experienced consistent increases in revenues and profits with virtually every MICROPUB® installation. In fact, with the increase in profits alone, under this scenario, the owner would return his/her investment in the MICROPUB® Brewing System in just about one year! That's before sales increases resulting from additional customer traffic.
You compare Micropub® Beer Branded Mix Beer
Annual Gross Profit $334,200. $229,500.
Did we mention the MICROPUB® Brewing System also makes Root Beer that will knock your guest's socks off. Often overlooked, great freshly brewed Root Beer (and other soft drink flavors) is another great source of revenue (and further accelerates the great payback of our system) as an addition to regular beer sales. It is a particular favorite of younger guests enjoying a meal with the family. For this exercise however, let's imagine you only wanted a small system to brew authentic Root Beer and wanted to see how long it would take to pay back the investment. 

4 bbl System Cost

$10,000. (est)

Root Beer Ingredient Cost (4bbl/8kegs)


150 pints per keg x 8 kegs= 1,200 Pints per brew
1,200 pints/$68.50= $0.06 product cost per pint
200 pints sold a day x ($2.00- $0.06)= $388.00 gross profit per day
$10,000./$338.00 per day=26 days to pay off the system

The cost of labor cannot be overlooked when considering the profitability of serving beer. Due to its simplicity, the MICROPUB® brewing station can be successfully operated by your regular hourly employees with a relatively small amount of training. Conversely, committing to a full grain brewing system means having to employ a highly trained brewmaster at considerable expense.
Qualified brewmasters typically earn between $50,000 and $70,000 a year including salary and benefits. Using the mid-point of $60,000 per year, and comparing it to an hourly employee earning $10 per hour including salary and benefits operating the MICROPUB® brewing system, the cost of labor per keg does not even out until consumption is over 210 kegs per month. In the normal typical range of 50 kegs per month, the cost of the brewmaster raises the keg price to well over $90 while Micropub's remains well below $45, or less than half the cost.