System Size Fermenters Space (Ft.sq.est.) Chiller Size Storage Tanks Cooler Space (Ft.sq.est.) Monthly Production (15.5 gl. kegs)
4bbl 1 60 1 hp 4 40 16
4bbl 2 80 2 hp 4 40 32
4bbl 3 100 2 hp 6 60 48
4bbl 4 120 2 hp 8 80 64
8bbl 1 80 2 hp 4 40 32
8bbl 2 100 2 hp 8 80 64
8bbl 3 120 2 hp 12 120 96
All MICROPUB® equipment is made to our exacting specifications and standards by North America's premier manufacturer. For sanitation and durability, all brewing process related tanks are made with highest quality stainless steel. For guest eye appeal, in addition to the stainless core jacket, cosmetic jackets are available in oak, copper and other finishes. MICROPUB® maintains a basic inventory of equipment to expedite delivery. Depending on orders however, this inventory may not be immediately available when you order. Given the normal time frame for obtaining permits and room preparation, having your system skillfully crafted and delivered on your requested date is nearly certain.

Call us today for a detailed price quote. You will be surprised how affordable our systems are.

One of the superior features of the MICROPUB® system is the use of space saving storage tanks. Traditional keg storage is not the most efficient use of precious cooler space. Our cylindrical tanks use height very efficiently. Our systems include food-grade resin storage tanks which have proven to meet tough standards for sanitation and durability while being very economical. Still, we offer the option of stainless steel, as well as traditional kegging options.
To illustrate just how compact the MICROPUB® system is, we have included this photo showing the entire system (minus the storage tanks) being delivered to a customer. This is an 8 bbl system capable of producing 64 -15.5 gallon kegs a month.